February 5, 2018

Purchase with Confidence


Know Your Costs.

See your purchase and service costs. Track your tool usage and see your cost-per-foot. Tools can be grouped to show the collective cost-per-foot.

Leverage Your Existing Tooling.

When you know what you have and where it is you can re-purpose tooling for a new job. Enable sales staff to view existing profiles that could be substituted for new requests.

Know What You Have.  Know Where It Is.

Track your standard consumable tool items like solid carbide router bits, tipped router bits, saw blades, and more. View your tools on-hand, tools out-for-service, consumption of tooling, and how many tools you dispose of per week, month, or even year.


Compare Tools.

No more hunches and gut feelings. Now you can view hard data on all your tooling and make data-driven decisions about which tooling is the best fit for your needs.

Know Your Budget.

Maintain tooling budgets per location and easily monitor them from an intuitive dashboard. Unique shopping list function allows operators to request tooling purchases and enables supervisors to approve the requests. The shopping list can also be populated from a re-order report making it easy to stock up on needed items with a few clicks.

Vendor Neutral.

There are no restrictions on what brand of tools can be Intooligence enabled.