December 19, 2017

Tool Sharpening

Intooligence TS is a system for performing pickup, inspection, servicing, delivery, and invoicing of tool sharpening. TS has been specifically designed and tested extensively with tool sharpeners with regular routes. Every tool sharpener has a need for Intooligence TS.


Mobile Access.
The entire TS system has been developed with mobile access via tablets and wireless printers in mind. Your route personnel can pickup, deliver, collect signatures, and prepare pack lists all from the tablet. And your internal personnel can create work orders from a tablet.
Know What You Have.
See how many tools you have in-house at any given moment, even to the customer level.


Manage Your Routes.
Easily access your routes from a tablet or the web interface. Updating them is as easy as a few clicks. With GPS Navigation the tablet will guide you from stop to stop. Now filling in for a route salesperson is as easy as grabbing your tablet and hitting the road!


See Your Daily Activity.
Use charts and graphs to keep tabs on your daily input and output, even when you are not in the office!


Know Your Customers.
See what types of tools you are servicing for your customer. Break it down by tool type and individual tool specification.


Streamline Invoicing.
Intooligence will integrate with your accounting package to streamline the entry of invoices with virtually no typing. This reduces data entry errors and the time it takes to invoice sharpening.


Resolve Problems The First Time.

Everyone makes mistakes. So when it happens you want to notify the appropriate people and correct the problem the first time. Intooligence TS has built-in features for problem resolution that enable a route salesperson to declare an issue with a tool, notify appropriate personnel via email and text message, and collect photos and comments to go with the issue raised. After you have resolved the problem you can review the resolution and ensure the issue was handled properly.